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I sort of dropped the latest POSER release without showing any public gratitude to those who helped me see this one through. Allow me to try to rectify that now. Thanks to:

1. Lance Koehler of Minimum Wage Recording. Lance’s spot has been my home away from home for about 10 years now, his sounds are tip top, the vibe is always right, and Piccola’s pizza and/or subs taste the best sitting on the couch at Minimum Wage. Lance produced the pants out of this one for me and assured me there’s no such thing as too much tape delay. www.minimumwagerecording.com

2. My brothers Jonathan and Weston. The POSER shtick is basically just a jazz guitarist playing music that is not necessarily jazz (#BAM). Both my brothers write top shelf music that leans in this “not jazz” variety, and they were both kind enough to come in the studio, record it, let me put my noodling on it, and then ultimately let my record take the credit for their talents. Thanks bros, sorry I got mad all those years ago when you’d wear my clothes.

3. Charles Arthur. Charles is my favorite guitar player around and has been since I used to hear him play with CHEZ ROUE at Southern Culture when I was still in high school. Charles is a musicians’ musician (here comes the flood of cliches) who always plays exactly what you wished you had/could have played. On this POSER record, as with the last, Charles plays exclusively horizontal slide stuffs and it’s all the BEST. THE BEST. YOU’LL SEE!!!!!

4. Devonne Harris. As fellow Richmond musician Trey Pollard put it one time, “Pretty much everyone who has ever met Devonne agrees that he’s the baddest (baddest means gooddest here) musician they have ever met.” That pretty much sums it up. Devonne is a serious inspiration to all of us, but a straight up down home dude, and it’s humbling to have him on this one. He plays some drums, some keys, and some more keys. See track credits below for more details. djharrison.bandcamp.com

5. Billy Williams. Billy has been my brother from another other mother since I met that cat at the ripe old age of 16. Since then, he has become to nobody’s surprise one of the best, most sought after drummers of our generation. He came in and crushed a few drum takes for us real quick, but has since become somewhat of a Duke basketball fan so the story kind of has a tragic ending. Praying for you doc! www.bwdrumz.com

6. Matt Hall. Matt only made a couple tracks on this record before he bounced back to Turkey, but the dude is my favorite musician to play with period, has always been nothing but encouraging to me as a player since we met on the bandstand over at Bella Arte back in the day, and he’s my best friend. Enough said.

7. Scott Clark. I wanted vibraphone on the record, Scott made it happen. Scott also leads the best band in Richmond, the ScottClark4tet. Scott can currently be found LARPing around the globe with Natalie Prass.

8. Jesse Wells. The first time I became really enamored with a musician younger than me was when I discovered Blake Mills. The second time was when I met the Wells Brothers. Corey and Jesse Wells, guitarist and fiddler respectively, hail from Lynchburg, VA, their father being an accomplished fiddler himself. The first time I heard Corey play bluegrass I called Charles Arthur and had a pity party for myself right then and there. Jesse is the same story, different instrument. Jesse came in when I was still workshopping stuff in the studio, read the part down, and then didn’t give me any grief when I overdubbed electric guitar right on top of his track. Attention, PVT B. SWORD!

9. Stephen McCarthy. As with other musicians on this record, Stephen carries a musical pedigree that really should have prevented him from stepping into a studio with me, but did so out of kindness. Stephen is a world class songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, so it’s a real coup for me to have him on this record.

10. John O’reilly, Jr. John and I met on a session in March of 2014 and come to find out he runs a really cool website where you send him tracks and he records killer drums and sends them back for an extremely reasonable fee. The future is WIDE OPEN! Check him out here: www.boomcrashdrumtracks.com

11. Cary Ralston. Cary did the album artwork. Boom. Cary’s vibraphone was on loan to Scott Clark which is why I was able to have vibes on the record. Bang. Solid work, Cary, thanks man!

12. Marcus Tenney. I can’t write anything about Marcus that hasn’t already been stated ad nauseum, so I’ll just say that I had a loop that I wanted to do something with and Marcus came into the studio with a rap verse he’d written for the music and then put horn on the track. We all took shots of Jose and Kraken afterward. It was a very good day. soundcloud.com/tennishumusic

13. Jason Jenkins. My associate over at 32 Bar Records. Jason makes projects like this possible for me and so many others, this community is very lucky to have him. On a personal level for me, I mean, the guy is my son’s godfather. Love to you, DOC! www.32barmusic.com

14. Tim Turner. Tim wasn't on this one, but he should've been.

15. To the all the people who composed these tunes whether I know you personally or not, love y’all’s music so much, thank you.


released February 24, 2015

Musician Credits:

Charles Arthur: dobro, lap steel, or pedal steel (all tracks EXCEPT 10)
Scott Clark: vibraphone
Matt Hall: uke bass (5), upright bass (7)
Devonne Harris: keys, organ, synths. drums (6)
Stephen McCarthy: bass (9)
John O’Reilly Jr: drums (7)
Alan Parker: bass, baritone guitar, lap steel, mandolin, guitars, drums (2,4), vocals (4)
Jonathan Parker: vocals (3,4,6) guitars (6)
Weston Parker: vocals (1,2,8) guitars(1,2,8)
Marcus Tenney: vocals (10), trumpet (10)
Jesse Wells: fiddle (9)
Billy Williams: drums (1,3,8)



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POSER Richmond, Virginia

POSER is Alan Parker when he's not playing jazz.

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